On the spare time between the day job, side projects, and flying drones I’m consulting iOS development. Usually, I’m working with start-ups and small businesses and looking for new clients on the Upwork and Freelancer.
Yesterday new customer connected with me and asked am I available and could help with development for a small app with InApp purchase support. Looks like a perfect fit for me, so I asked for more details.

So, let’s see what we should develop…

The first impression looks ok… customer has clear requirements for product and already designed screens but I was quite surprised that customer would like to have an application with almost no background functionality. Strange, right? I already expected that this is some kind of scam and after click on the “design example” links I found that Post on Medium is used as a how-to guide for scam application development. Even “design” were direct links to the medium post pictures.

$99.99 in a week for nothing, just interface, and PAY button. “No additional functionality needed, just UI” :O

Sure, I declined this “business opportunity” to create on more $80’000 per month grooving bestseller.

I hope that this “entrepreneur” will be blocked on Upwork and he will not found any developer who will agree to participate is such kind of project. At least I reported this job posting as a fraud.

Hopefully, Apple will fix AppStore soon to block apps like this one, until then inform your parents and friends that they definitely do not need antivirus for iPhone.