Phishing Attack on Upwork

I’m looking for freelance projects on Upwork time to time. A lot of the projects on the this and similar online platforms are poorly described, and customers very often are looking for cheap work and don’t bother about quality. But sometimes a miracle happens and good projects with realistic thinking customer can be found here.

Not today … today someone tried to steal my and other freelancers Upwork accounts. The case was quite simple, just link to the site which was designed as Upwork with password and username fields, but someone could enter credentials by mistake. Therefore I’m sharing this here.

Here is a short video with situation description:

Startup for scammers

Startup for scammers

On the spare time between the day job, side projects, and flying drones I’m consulting iOS development. Usually, I’m working with start-ups and small businesses and looking for new clients on the Upwork and Freelancer.
Yesterday new customer connected with me and asked am I available and could help with development for a small app with InApp purchase support. Looks like a perfect fit for me, so I asked for more details.

So, let’s see what we should develop…

The first impression looks ok… customer has clear requirements for product and already designed screens but I was quite surprised that customer would like to have an application with almost no background functionality. Strange, right? I already expected that this is some kind of scam and after click on the “design example” links I found that Post on Medium is used as a how-to guide for scam application development. Even “design” were direct links to the medium post pictures.

$99.99 in a week for nothing, just interface, and PAY button. “No additional functionality needed, just UI” :O

Sure, I declined this “business opportunity” to create on more $80’000 per month grooving bestseller.

I hope that this “entrepreneur” will be blocked on Upwork and he will not found any developer who will agree to participate is such kind of project. At least I reported this job posting as a fraud.

Hopefully, Apple will fix AppStore soon to block apps like this one, until then inform your parents and friends that they definitely do not need antivirus for iPhone.


WWDC 2017 first impresions

WWDC 2017 first impresions


WWDC 2017 presentation was very impressive this year. A lot of hardware and software news. Even I would like to update my MacBook Pro, I was more excited about development tool update.

Xcode 9 was a big and positive surprise and I’m quite happy that can work on my own products with newest development tools and should not look back on compatibility problems. Rewritten source editor with updated issue highlighting and fix looks very good. And .. Refactoring! Finally refactoring is available for Xcode users.

Source control – Xcode now connects directly with you Github account making source control easy for Github users (me). I used a console for Github, but after several merging problem cases, I decided to switch to the Git-Tower. Highly recommend this as a tool for those who will stay on earlier Xcode version for a while. I will be happy to try Xcode for source control as Xcode 9 provides full integration with GitHub.

Testing &Debuging – Wireless debugging over a local network is a nice improvement, you don’t need anymore connect your device to the development computer via USB. Some USB ports saved :)Simulator now supports multiple virtual devices launched at once and tests can run on different simulators

Simulator now supports multiple virtual devices launched at once and tests can run on different simulators at the same time, huge impact for those who use automated tests.

Drag and Drop -This is huge for iPad users and developers. Perhaps most exciting improvement for me as regular iPad user and developer. Looking forward to using it in my own development projects and supported by other developers in my daily used productivity apps.

Hope that OmniFocus will implement this feature for task moving between inbox and projects.

Core NFC – SDK for NFC reader was in a lot of developers wishlist. I’m spending most of my work hours in a payment industry and see big potential for iOS NFC apps for public transport, ticketing, loyalty systems and alternative payments. Curious to see what NFC products will be released this fall.

File sharing – So, the filesystem is not dead yet and we got a new way to interact with it as developers and end users. This is a big improvement for iPad users.

Sirikit – Well, I expected more, but few more domains are added and we can expect that more will come later, hopefully with minor iOS 11.x releases as well.

ARKit – Augmented reality looks amazing. I will play with it and most likely create some test projects, but assume that serious production apps or games will request big budgets and teams and not manageable by one man company.


It was quite naive to start 100-day design challenge week before WWDC event. Sure, I found myself busy watching WWDC videos, playing with betas and reading the documentation. Bad designer 🙁